Working with Notes MSA-241

All users (admin and user role) will be able to record notes associated with some legislation/bills, regulations, and/or hearings. While viewing a bill, regulation, or hearing, they will be able to click button to create and save a text note, or/and add a file to a note. Users wil be able to add notes throgh bill detailed viev

Check SRS - Figure 20 -add notes through detailed view

Staff role will be able to add notes through both: • Bill detailed view ( image above) • Separate staff role panel used for approving the bills after fetching/importing the bills

Check SRS - Figure 21 - add notes through staff role panel

Each admin / user can be able to add multiple notes to a single bill. All users will be able to add notes to the same bill, but the system should permit that only notes that are associated with a client profile(s) are viewable within the organization. This means that unique client Id must be added to each of this note while saving/adding the note. The user that created the note should also be saved on the note. During displaying the notes in front end, the system will check if user is associated with that particular client, and will show only the notes with client ID that he/she belongs to. The following elements should be saved inside “notes” table

  • Client Id that this user belongs to/ is associated with
  • The name of the user creating the note,
  • the date and time of note

When making a note on item, staff role will receive an alert via email identifying the following information:

  • User name that created the note
  • Client that this user belongs to
  • The item (bill id) on which the note was made for
  • Hyperlink to that particular item (bill) detailed page.
  • Day and time the note was created

The system should build a “list of notification recipients’ emails” taking in consideration the following: img MSA-218 CLOSED

  • It will get the list of users within the same client,
  • It will exclude the user performing the action (user that is adding note)
  • It will filter the list checking for the bill's profiles (categories).

  • If a user from list has any of the State/Categories/Profiles enabled in the dashboard, it will include the user in the notification email. If not will remove it.
  • It will always include Staff role mail – “unless he is the user performing the action”.

Each user will have ability to edit or delete only his/her note(s). User should not be able to edit or delete the note(s) created by other users.