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Work with Prioritized Bills MSA-244

From within the main dashboard (map view or list view) any user will be able to access and view all prioritized bills for the client. User will be able to sort the prioritized items by:

  • Who prioritized the item (user name)
  • The item prioritized (bill number / name)
  • Day and time the item was prioritized

Check SRS - Figure 25 - Prioritized bills list

Prioritization within the same client profile will be visible to all users associated with that client profile.


System staff role or a user will be able to flag some legislation/bills, regulations, and/or hearings for particular client attention. Prioritization will be a boolean; an item is either prioritized or it is not. Prioritization is client-relative. If any user (or staff role) prioritizes a bill, it is prioritized for all users belonging to that client. Flagging the item as priority should be done from within · Bills list view · Bills detailed view While viewing a bill, regulation, or hearing, user/staff role will be able to click a button ( fa- fa star) to prioritize that item for future attention.

Check SRS - Figure 22 - prioritizing through list view

Check SRS - Figure 23 - prioritizing through detailed view

The staff role will be also able to prioritize the bill after fetching/importing process as well.

Check SRS - Figure 24 - prioritizing through staff role panel

An additional table named prioritized bills will be created with the following fields

  • Id
  • Bill id User ID
  • Client_Id
  • Timestamp

Prior displaying the bills the system will check and list prioritized bills taking the following conditions

  • If bill is prioritized
  • client_ID

When staff role user prioritizes an item, the user profile, (interested in that category) will receive an alert via email identifying the following information:

  • User that prioritized the item
  • The item (name) prioritized
  • Hyperlink to item detailed view
  • Day and time the item was prioritized (email time stamp)