View Search Results in List

Documents list view will allow user to view all his documents displayed as a table.

Figure 9 - List view (user view) The user will be able to select \1. Type of document · Legislation · Regulation or · Hearings

\2. Category Values inside this select will come querying the options from “profile_matches_users” table and will show options / profile_matches set active for the logged in user

\3. Federal · State level · Federal level By default, the list view will show all legislation documents. On change of type of document, the table will be repopulated showing adequate columns and data for the particular document type chosen.


List view of all the bills should be user related meaning it will fill in/show data available to each particular user. The client will be able to view all active bills for his profile. All the other bills within the system that are not matched to this particular user should be restricted.

User will be able to: · search, · sort and · filter entire data inside the table. Default order for all clients should be state followed by number of regulations. Client will be able to click on each data column to make it the primary sort column. A user can select what columns are displayed in the table.