Select Table Columns MSA-236

The system will allow switching between two types of views Each of these views represent predefined set of columns that will be displayed. User should be able to easily switch between first or second view by click on button.

Column’s that should be visible in full view are defined above. The Compact list view should include the following columns [ MISSING ]

We are already using ajax call and a server-side processing of data being displayed in front, so what we are planning to do is to catch the event (switcher – buttons) that will call a different set of data and display them in the front.

"bProcessing": true,
"sAjaxSource": '/msa_test/wp-content/themes/mainstreet-advocates/legapi.php?cat=' + param + '',
"aoColumns": [
{ mData: 'id', },
{ mData: 'state' },
{ mData: 'session' },
{ mData: 'type' }