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Model End of Week MSA-33


The we need a more precise and flexible sense of the "end of the week". The weekly email digest, as well as special searches in the user dashboard, will depend on this setting. It needs to be arbitrarily set by an MSA Staff person because on the same day, both the final daily email and the weekly email will be prepared.

TODO: get more specifics from MSA.


Actor: Quality Assurance Manager (MSA staff) Objective: Define the conclusion of a week, from data perspective, for MSA system Starting Expectations: Access to MSA system back end Results: MSA system stores defined “end of week” criteria for email and other system processing

As Quality Assurance Manager, I need to accurately define the end of a week from the perspective of the MSA system data. For example, the weekly summary data (for email, etc.) is processed based on all the data imported since the end of the prior week. A specific day of the week and time of day must be established as the system’s end of the week.

I shall be able to select “Set End of Week” from the Administration menu to define or edit the end of week criteria for the MSA system.

The user interface will prompt me to enter parameters for the end of week, including:

  • Day of the week (e.g., Sunday)
  • Time of day (e.g., 11:59:59 pm)

From kevin

Attached are your weekly reports detailing those bills and regulations that have been added or updated during the week ending December 31, 2018.

Here are your statistics overall and for the week:

Total Number of Bills: Bills Added or Updated Last Week:

Total Number of Regulations: Regulations Added or Updated Last Week:

Legislatures this week at-a-glance: • Four states plus DC and Congress are currently in regular session.

• Connecticut (4th), DC (2nd), Idaho (7th), Massachusetts (2nd), Montana (7th), New Hampshire (2nd), North Dakota (3rd), Ohio (7th), Pennsylvania (1st), Rhode Island (1st) and Wisconsin (7th) are scheduled to convene this week.

• DC (31st), Ohio (31st) and Michigan (31st) are scheduled to adjourn this week. • No States convened last week. • No States adjourned last week.