Import Feeds MSA-226

The staff role will be able to manually upload XML feeds. Beside the already existing functionality of manual import, the changes to the existing system will be made that will allow the following flow:

  1. System will check email address on hourly base. This will be done using a cron based job. a. For this purpose of downloading and managing emails we are planning to implement new class that will use imap_check, imap_close, imap_expunge etc.
  2. When an email attachment containing an xml feed is received, the system will parse this file.
  3. For this reason, system will have to open every file being send in mail and check if valid or not
  4. The already developed logic will be used for validating and identify the type of feed.
  5. Invalid attachments will be ignored (and deleted).
  6. After parsing process and a newly create records will be complete the system will log the feed parsed timestamp.
  7. The system will display a list of bills fetched that will be further on reviewed by the staff member
  8. Once staff members review the upload, they will “Approve” the upload and a system will log timestamp.
  9. Once the approval is done Solr Search Engine will be re-indexed
  10. After Indexing will be completed, send daily (or weekly) digest email to users logging the timestamp.