Export Search Results MSA-237

The user should be able to export the data presented in views as csv and excel file, or a print preview.

Check SRS -Figure 10 - exporting documents

This feature should allow exporting of only selected/filtered data. For example. If user choose only 3 out of all columns as visible and perform some filter/search on them, the data viewable on the screen should be the same one that will be exported as pdf, csv or excel file

Check SRS -Figure 11 - selecting columns visible (all visible)

Check SRS - Figure 12 - selecting columns visible

The priority of these features is:

  1. export all or selected rows as csv
  2. export all or selected rows as excel
  3. print preview (hide rest of interface and only display data as a table (without paging). There should be a confirmation if there is more than ten pages of data to be displayed and recommendation that the user download the data instead.