Detail View: Regulations MSA-239

Detail view should include the following elements:

  1. Regulation details
  2. Social share element
  3. View full bill text
  4. Related documents section 
  5. Notes section

REGULATION DETAILS This section will include the following data

  • State
  • Agency_name
  • Type
  • State Action type
  • Code citation
  • Register citation

SOCIAL SHARE ELEMENT The feature is same one as legislation detailed view and will allow the user to share the particular document details via.

  • Facebook
  • Tweeter

Or to send the documents details via mail

VIEW FULL TEXT The feature will allow the user to see the full bill text opened in new tab. For this purpose, a plugin named “bill text fetcher” will be created that will download the entire content from “full_text_url” data. The button will be visible only if there is full text for that document being downloaded.

NOTES SECTION The section that will display all the notes posted regarding particular document.