Detail View: Legislation MSA-238

Legislation detailed view is view that will allow the user to check all details related to the particular legislation document. The view will be divided in couple of sections

  1. Legislation details
  2. Legislation status – progress bar
  3. Social share element
  4. View full bill text
  5. Info section
  6. Related documents section
  7. Hearings section
  8. Notes section
  9. Priority info

DETAILS This section will show the following data · Heading • Title as combination of o State o Type o Documents number · Content • Sponsors • Href with sponsor url and sponsor name • Session • Title • Abstract • Categories o Array of all categories for that particular document, taken from profile_match table • Keywords o Array of all keywords for that particular document, taken from profile_keyword table

Check SRS - Figure 14 -detailed view - content section

LATEST ACTION / STATUS PROGRESS BAR Graphical progress of document status for that particular document. Each document can pass through 10 statuses in total. In order to graphically show the current status of each document there will be progress bar that will be colored according to the current status.

Check SRS - Figure 15 -detailed view - latest action

For this purpose, the feeder will be modified in order to save the following data inside the legislation table · Status date · Status val · Status_standar_key · Status_standard_val · Status_url Status standard key is the value that will be defining the progress bar value. Standard key value is always having values as XX.000 so the following ranges wil be used in order to determine the color and the status of progress bar.

  1. Prefiled (<10,000)
  2. Committee 1st Chamber ( >= 10,000's and < 20,000's)
  3. Hearing Scheduled (>=20,000's and < 30,000's)
  4. Passed by 1st Committee (>=30,000's and <40,000's)
  5. Floor Vote 1st Chamber (>=40,000's and <50,000's)
  6. Passed 1st Chamber (>=50,000's and <60,000's)
  7. Passed Committe in 2nd Chamber (>=60,000's and <70,000's)
  8. Passed 2nd Chamber (>=70,000's and <80,000's)
  9. Vetoed or Sent Back to Legislature (>=80,000's and <90,000's)
  10. Signed by Governor (>=90,000's)

In addition to the graphical Bill Status, there will be a text status displayed on the Detail View. This is a single field in the Detail View, called "Last Action Taken" and will use the "standard status value". img MSA-211 CLOSED The value will be linked to a document that contains the full history of the bill. This is a remotely fetched document. The URL is in the xml feed. The system will fetch/download a new status document when the bill is updated. For Legislation, the link text is from the data in the "statusval" in the xml, which is a non-standard status used in the particular state the bill is for. For Regulations, the link text comes from the “action_text_type” in the xml.


This feature will allow the user to share the particular document details via · Facebook · Tweeter Or to send the documents details via mail

Check SRS - Figure 16 -detailed view - social shares

This sharing feature requires a limited public access to data items within the MSA system. All bills detailed views should be publicly accessible and user should be able to share them via FB,Tweet and Mail . What is important is that there should be no navigation to the protected parts of the system. (navigation menu e.c.t) Also, public access shall not include viewing of any prioritizations or notes associated with the data item shared. Any pass-through data accessed by links must be masked and/or white-listed so that the data source is displayed solely as MSA.

VIEW FULL BILL TEXT The feature will allow the user to see the full bill text opened in new tab.

Check SRS - Figure 17 -detailed view -full bill text

For this purpose, a plugin named “bill text fetcher” will be created that will download the entire content from “full_text_url” data. Fetching client (plugin) will use web scraping from site to retrieve relevant data and store it inside database. Plan is use libraries like Goutte or something similar like requests for this. The “View Full Bill Text” button will be visible only if there is full text for that document being downloaded/fetched.

INFO SECTION This is section for displaying the additional info about document. The following data should be displayed · State · Convenes (session start date) · Adjoums (session end date) · Cary over · Prefiling · Additional info

This information will be added through CMS-session module.

  • No need for any import about this data since they are not happening very often. Once per year mostly.

RELATED DOCUMENTS SECTION ( img MSA-103 CLOSED ) The section will display all related bills for that particular documents. The following data or related document will be displayed · Type · Number · Document_URL o When user click on this url we are going to actually redirect user to internal MSA detailed page The modification of feed parser will be done in order to insert the data needed inside the newly created table named as “related bills” Table name: related bills · Id - int(PK) · url – varchar · type – varchar · number – integer · legislation_id ( this is ID of profile match) The related document will be matched with legislation using “legislation_ID”. All related documents will be shown in related documents section showing data mentioned above.

HEARINGS SECTION The section will display all related hearings to the particular document. Legislations and hearings are matched through legislation external id.

Check SRS - Figure 18 -detailed view - hearing section

legislation.external_id = hearing.legislation_external_id The following data about each matched hearing should be displayed: · Place · Date · Time · Committee Hearing section should have option for adding the hearing inside the user calendar. The following calendar should be used: iCal, google and outlook.

NOTES SECTION The section that will display all the notes posted regarding particular document. *More details about this functionality will be provided in document bellow

Check SRS - Figure 19 -detailed view - add note section

PRIORITY INFO User shall be able to add or remove my prioritization from the data item.