Bill Text Fetching MSA-227

Separate plugin created for this purpose will allow the system to parse the HTML: Dom object and insert its entire content inside the database. This content stored inside this table is going to be used for full text search. Separate table named “entity_text” will be created including the following · Id (int) · Date ( entry date) - datetime · Entity_id - varchar · Content - longtext

The system is going to loop through all newly/updated bills that will come from XML feeder, taking the “full text field” from within legislation table and get its content using file_get_contents() function

Only legislations and regulations got “full_text_url” included inside the XML.

We will fetch a bill only once when it appears multiple times in an import xml (per legislation ID). The full text urls is stored inside the legislation data so for each of data parsed from XML we are going to fetch the content and enter it inside the database