Table of Contents

User Roles

The system will have following user roles:

  • Admin role - Default WP Admin
  • Staff role
  • Client/user role
  • Anon (un-authenticated)


Admin role will be user with all privileges over the entire WP project. This is the default WP admin role.


Staff role will be role with privileges over entire system but without features like installing plugins, making design changes e.c.t This will be a kind of MSA document system manager role. Staff roll must be able to administer users in the system.


User role will not have any access to the Wordpress admin. Each user will be associated with some ”Client” which is the company the user works for. One user can be associated to only one client - here will be no option for one user to belong to 2 or more clients.


Unauthenticated users will still have access to most content on the site. They should have no ability to navigate the dashboard features, or interact with the content (e.g. add notes). This is to facilitate sharing bills. Un-authenticated users may view the detail view of a bill, as well as related links, such as full-text or bill statuses. This includes regulations and hearings. Searching for bills and viewing listings or the map will not be available to un-authenticated visitors.