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Support Desk Guide

Troubleshooting Chapters

If you login to the default site, you may quickly run into a wall if trying to troubleshoot behavior on a chapter instance. See the list of domains in the drupal /sites directory.

Our primary (Admin) login can be used to login while accessing any of the chapter-domains, and will give you the ability to administer or troubleshoot some chapter-specific settings.

Chapter Leader Permissions

Chapter leaders are granted access to only the contacts in their chapter, using standard CiviCRM multisite permission tools. This is an extension called CiviCRM Multisite, in which access is restricted to that domain's Master Group. Settings for the master group for each domain are at Administer > System Settings > Multisite Settings

The details of how the multisite extenion works is a bit of a Black Box to GSL staff. RTFM:

The extension creates a setting that allows for configuring a group per domain (when you are logged into that domain and presumably by API). By way of being added to that group, a Contact will be considered to belong to that domain.

The Chapter Creation utility creates the multi-site domain, the Group to hold the contacts for that domain, and a group for "Leaders" of that chapter. Somewhere in the customizations (TODO: locate), an ACL is created and grants contacts in the Leaders group permissions to edit the contacts in the domain.

If you login with a user/contact that does not have broader privileges, you will only see the contacts for that domain. If you are logged in with our Admin login, you will see contacts for all domains.

Logging in as a Chapter Leader

Sometimes it will be necessary to log in as a Chapter Leader to view things as they see them. Our admin account permissions supercede the permissions of a chapter leader, even when logging in to a chapter site. To test as a Chapter leader, we have a separate account that can be set up as a chapter leader for a specific domain.

For testing multisite domain permissions:

  • Login in to the chapter's site with the GSL admin account
  • Check the domain's master (i.e. domain control) group name by going to Administer > System Settings > Multisite Settings
  • Add Contact ID 233 to the domain's master group
  • In Drupal, grant username 'evanc233' the roles: Email Editor, Shv'etim Leaders, and Shv'etim Financial Leaders
  • Log in to the chapter's site using an incognito browser window as user evanc233
  • Test your brains out


Since each site has it's own CiviCRM ConfigAndLog... it can be difficult to find an error that is only in one or a few of them. This handy command can be used to either combine all of the latest logs into one file, or tail(-follow) all of the logs.

find htdocs/sites -name 'CiviCRM*log' | xargs tail -f > /tmp/ConfigAndLog.Combined &
tail -f /tmp/ConfigAndLog.Combined

If you want to review all of the logs, change xargs tail -f to cat. This will probably get you way more information than is useful. Note, that the above uses an intermediate file, tmp/ConfigAndLog.combined to ensure that all output is captured so that you can use the terminal for other tasks. If you don't mind having your terminal dedicated to tailing the logs, you can skip the output redirection.