Each chapter is a CiviCRM "domain". Most CiviCRM settings can be set for a specific domain.

You can confirm the current domain ID's on the command line with the following:

cv api domain.get return='id' --out=list | sort -h

If the list of active domains is consecutive you can retrieve a particular setting for each domain like so:

for n in {1..17}; do cv api MailSettings.get is_default=1 domain_id=$n --out table; done

If the domain ID's do not remain consecutive, then you would want to use the list of ID's directly, such as:

cv api domain.get return='id' --out=list | sort -h | xargs -L1 -I {} cv api MailSettings.get is_default=1 domain_id={} --out=table

For more information on the above, look at the docs for xargs. Short version is that we pass a single value (the domain id in this case) on a single line. We get xargs to work with one line at a time with -L1. We capture the value passed in the line with -I {}. The rest of the line is executed for each line of input. We use the captured value to set the domain_id by again using {}.