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Training 3:

  • Automated Emails and Using Scheduled Reminders

    Scheduled Reminders feature, including using templates from Mosaico, HTML import into Scheduled Reminders, and setting up reminders for events and pledges.

    What is a Scheduled Reminder

    • A scheduled reminder is like a mailing, but it is scheduled completely automatically
    • A scheduled reminder is for a particular database entity type, e.g. Events, Memberships, Contributions.
    • Contacts will be selected based on their connection to the entity
    • Contacts can be filtered or supplemented via (smart) groups
    • Scheduling can be by calendar or relative

    The Three Ways to Manage Scheduled Reminders

    • Administer > Communications > Scheduled Reminders
    • Event Tab
    • Amount Tab on Pledge Contribution Pages
    • For Pledge Reminders (not proper "Scheduled Reminders") edit the pledge settings to set time-intervals.
    • Administer > Communications > Message templates > System Workflow Messages
    • Create templates in Mosaico in advance, and select the template when configuring the reminder.

    Create a filter group

    Create a Scheduled Reminder

    • walk through interface and options.
    • Identify all entities needing reminders:
    • membership-types
    • event-types
    • events


    • Same tokens as CiviMail
    • Additional tokens only available for Scheduled Reminders
    • Entity-based tokens only work for that entity i.e. Membership tokens will only populate if the reminder is for a Membership entity (even though all entities can be inserted using the "Token" drop-down)

    Coming Soon

    Custom tokens for Organization Information for the Membership

    Calls to Action: Membership



    Include a link to the Org Dashboard, with language that prompts the user to update the organization’s contact info and relationships, and renew the organization’s membership.{}

    • Note: We are recommending this CTA as we feel it will be much more relaiable in the long term vs. creating a link to a contribution page using the org’s contact ID and checksum value.
    • Note: Actual name of token TBD.

    Failed Recurring or Pledge Payments

    We haven't found a reliable way to determine in advance that a credit card being used for a recurring payment will expire, as it does not appear that CiviCRM or the iATS extension makes this information (expiry date) available.

    • TBD: can scheduled reminders be used?

    • Recommended

    iATS configuration


    • Email Recurring Contribution failure reports to this Email address: use this field to have an email sent to a Chorus America staffer when a recurring contribution fails, in case the donor needs to be followed up with.
    • Email receipt for a Contribution in a Recurring Series: recommend to set this to "Always" or "As set for a specific Contribution Series" (and then set that config)
    • Enable self-service updates to recurring contribution Contact Billing Info: check this box to allow users to

    • Alternative to scheduled reminders for following up on failed transactions

    • Once Chorus America staff members have been notified of a failed recurring contribution (see above for config changes), reach out to the donor or member to update their info.
    • A pledge payment would not be recurring, so a failure can be handled like any non-recurring failure. i.e. the pledge contributor or Chorus America staff person entering the pledge payment will know immediately if there's a failure


Custom Token Specification

Identify Entity selections needing scheduled reminders configured.

  • Membership Owner Org Name
  • Link to the OrgDashboard (using org ID)
  • Org-ID too (but rather extraneous)

Group Specifications

CA realizes they need to work this out... follow-up to confirm they have completed this. Ed is happy to setup the groups.

Email Reputation Management

Review with Ed what his current monitoring practices are.

Set-up dmarc policy.

Require links in emails.

Document Do Not Email

Ed's question about conference registration

Evan's assessment: re-do the template file for the conference pages to fix the available regions. Also.. maybe define a new region.

Moves Management

Define Steps as include/exclude groups.

People in (previous group) who have not done the next step.

What happens if you add a contact into the smart group... can they be automatically excluded if they complete the next step.

Updated: 3-6-2019