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Configuring Schedule Reminders

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Targeting Contacts

Configure the scheduled reminder to limit to the group "Primary contact for active member choruses", which is a smart group based on the "Primary contact for" Relationship.

Call to action

For Organizations

Include a link to the Org Dashboard, with language that prompts the user to update the organization's contact info and relationships, and renew the organization's membership. Observed behavior on Chorus America's site is that if the org dashboard is accessed when not logged in, the user will be redirected to the last URL they tried to access once logged in. However, it is adviseable that the renewal email also include language indicating the user must be logged in to access the org dashboard. An example of how a tokenized org dashboard link might look is:{primarymembership.contact_id}

  • Note: We are recommending this CTA as we feel it will be much more relaiable in the long term vs. creating a link to a contribution page using the org's contact ID and checksum value.
  • Note: Actual name of token TBD, but what is indicated on this page is what is in the spec for the dev.

For Individuals

Link to the renewal form appropriate for the membership type using the Contact ID and Checksum token so the form is pre-filled even if the contact is not logged in. Example for the Individual Membership Type would look like:{contact.checksum}&cid={contact.contact_id}

Invoice-like Formatting

We don't want to estimate an option that is not at all desirable.

For a thrifty solution, we recommend investing in the custom tokens and using Mosaico to create a snazzy email with all of the needed information.

If something printable or downloadable is still desired, we can estimate on three scenarios:

  • A bespoke email template that will closely match existing paper forms
  • An elaborate customization that will attach a generated PDF that follows existing paper forms.
  • A link to a custom page that can be used to download or print a file that follows existing paper forms.

Updated: 3-21-2019