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Context and User Stories

Sending an "Invoice"

As a member services staffer, I want to send printable invoices which include a detailed benefits list (including which organization staffers are entitled to what) so that: they are reminded to renew, they are prompted to update their contact list if necessary, and unnecessary back-and-forth with members who need such a document to justify payment within their organizations can be avoided.

Sending reminder emails to more than one contact associated with an Organizational Membership

As a member services staffer, I want invoices emailed to the primary contact associated with the organizational membership (with the organization address cc’ed) because: organizational inboxes are not always regularly monitored, so it is not sufficient to send them there, and due to organizational turnover, the primary contact’s address may reach someone who is no longer connected to the organization Options.

From: On-going discussion may be happening there.

In the case of conferred memberships (i.e. memberships bestowed on a contact "by relationship"), CiviCRM's Scheduled Reminders feature sends an email to all of the contacts associated with that membership: the primary contact as well as all the contacts with a "by relationship" membership. When standard email tokens are used in this instance, the tokens are populated based on the contact the email is being sent to, not the contact who holds the "primary" membership.

If we want to include language in the membership reminder that refers to the contact with the primary membership, we have no way of effectively doing that. An example might be:

"Hi Mary, the Business Membership for Plants United, Inc. will expire on May 31, 2019."

Note that the tokens for Mary would be contact.first_name and that the expiry date could be from her own (non-primary) membership, but the inclusion of the organization name isn't possible. While we could work around this using vague language, it would be much better if we had tokens that populated based on the Primary Membership Contact Record. Another use case might be if the NPO who Mary's business is a member of wished to send her a reminder email that looked like an "invoice" with additional information about the business: address, phone, etc. If Mary's personal contact record is the same as her business, this isn't an issue. But this isn't something we can count on.

Updated: 3-6-2019