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Initial discovery and discussion:

Overview of Options:

  1. Format the reminder email like an invoice using either standard CiviCRM reminder WYSIWYG or by creating a Mosaico template that scheduled reminder uses
  2. Attach a printable PDF that looks like an invoice to the reminder email.
  3. Include a link in the reminder email to a page that "builds" a printable invoice (PDF) when loaded.
  4. Prompt the contact who receives the reminder email to login to the Chorus America website and visit their contact or organization dashboard, where they will find a link that downloads a printable invoice (PDF)

Avoiding Creating Custom Tokens

My current thinking is this: if we weren't looking to create an "invoice" here, the reminder email could be written vaguely enough that we could get away with using the default mailing tokens, particularly if the Primary Contact of contact has the org listed as their employer. As it stands, we'll likely need to create some tokens to get the actual membership.

Available Tokens

Fully customized tokenized email template

The basic Most of the functionality for option #1 exists out-of-the-box in CiviCRM, the exception being the need for membership tokens that target an organization's membership info rather than the contact receiving the reminder email.

Mosaico Message Templates is already installed, so "importing" a Mosaico template into a scheduled reminder is as easy as selecting it in the "Use Template" drop-down menu of the Scheduled Reminders config screen.

Data Traversal for Organization Contact Info

There is an extension that adds mailing tokens for contact info via a relationship to the recipient. There are relationship tokens in there already, and using a "Primary Contact For" seems viable.

  • Are the tokens available in scheduled reminders?

Alternatively, we can traverse the conferred membership record to get to the Primary Member Record.

Updated: 3-21-2019