When a MailChimp list is exported, a ZIP archive containing 3 CSVs is downloaded:

  • Subscribed Members: Contains valid, opted-in email addresses.
  • Unsubscribed Members: Contains contacts who have opted out of communications from your organization. An unsubscribe impacts only the specific list that was unsubscribed. If the email address is in multiple lists, it will continue to be targeted when sending from the other lists.
  • Cleaned Members: Contains contacts that have encountered a "hard bounce" (permanent non-delivery report: no addressee, invalid email, non-existent domain, etc.) or multiple "soft bounces" (temporary non-delivery report: mailbox full, server not responding, etc.).

There is a fourth category of member: non-subscribed members, contacts that have had some interaction (online store purchase or other transaction) but have not opted in to any lists or groups. It is unknown at this time how these can be identified in an export.

Updated: 3-21-2019