As a member services staffer, each time a membership is created or renewed -- regardless of whether the activity was initiated on the front-end or the back-end, and regardless of whether or not the relationship is conferred -- I want the system to check for the existence of a Drupal user account for the membership holder. If none exists, the system should create it automatically, so that:

  • users' later attempts to gain access to members-only content don't result in the creation of duplicate or unnecessary Drupal accounts (often when users create a new account for themselves, it doesn't associate with their CiviCRM record -- because a different email was used, etc. -- so it gives the impression that the role syncing has broken down and results in a customer service complaint for Ed)
  • users can be encouraged to engage more meaningfully with the site right away
  • an automated email introducing these users (who might not be aware their colleague was going to grant them membership privileges) to the organization and website can be sent.

Updated: 3-27-2019