Ed has indicated that the minimum viable product is to:

  • Make the price fields configurable for display in the Columns tab of the report. Since Ed is technical staff, he has indicated that if ALL Price Fields configured for use on events were available to choose from, he would take on the task of configuring several instances of this report for various staff members and use cases each year. This way, each report instance would only include price fields needed for the use case at hand.
  • Get rid of all the extra email fields at the end of the columns (after price set fields).

Some nice-to-have options might include:

  • Displaying each Price Set in an accordion on the Columns tab of the report, to aid the user in selecting which price fields they want to display on the report
  • A configuration somewhere to select which Price Sets would be made available for display on that particular instance of the report. Could this be done as a multi-select field on the Display Options tab of the report?

We need to verify the MVP can be achieved i.e. can the Price Fields be included on the Columns tab as configurable display items? And do some initial exploration of whether or not the nice-to-haves would be feasible. Ed wants this done down-and-dirty (as usual) and wants it ASAP.

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Updated: 3-21-2019