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Approaches to Classifying Transactions

Ensure Correct Fiscal Year

When checks arrive near the boundary of a fiscal year, CA wants to be able to ensure the correct Fiscal Year for the contribution.

Jira: [CA2-493]

From a phone call on Feb 15th with Ed:

Came across a problem using the Enable Deferred Field... if you edit a contribution... the field is either completely blank, or it is grayed-out (disabled).

Was testing.. and an error message came up about the lack of a deferred account wasn't associated with the financial type.

Keep it simple approach: use "Date Received"

CiviCRM is not a financial system, recording every aspect of the transaction is not going to be possible. Taking "Date Received" loosely appears to fit CA's requirements best. Simply use Date Received as the only date of the contribution.

There is another field available, "Receipt Sent", which could easily be interpreted as "Date Processed" and be used if it is desired to record the date the check was entered into the system.

Enable Deferred Revenue

CiviCRM 4.7 has accrual integration where you can specify Revenue recognition for a contribution. You can enable the 'Enable Deferred Revenue' setting by navigating to CiviCRM >> Administer >> CiviContribute >> CiviContribute Component settings.

Once you have enabled the setting you will need to create a 'Deferred Revenue' relationship to the Financial Account on the Financial type.

On new contribution form once you have selected financial type you will revenue recognition field

Be sure to edit the Financial Accounts for the Financial Types that you want to use this field for.

Configure Financial Accounts for Type

If you do not configure a Deferred Revenue Account, for a selected Financial Type you will encounter such an error upon setting the Revenue Recognition:

Financial Type Error Deferred Revenue

Events [TODO]

ensure the proper account. Reporting, auditing, update steps.

Conferences [TODO]

ensure the proper account. Reporting, auditing, update steps.

  • Registrations
  • Food and Beverage - (line item in a price-set)
  • Exhibiting

Updated: 3-21-2019