Subscribed Status

An individual can be considered "Subscribed" to the voice by one of three ways:

  • As an Individual that has the Relationship, "Receives Voice subscription from" (/"Grants Voice subscription to"). This can be done by the Membership Administrator of a Chorus on the "Organization Dashboard", or by Chorus America Staff on a contact record's Relationship Tab.
  • Is added to the Group "The Voice". This can be done self-service by the member, or by Staff.
  • Is added to the Group "The Voice ALWAYS". This group is to be used to grant a special benefit, usually going around Membership status, when Chorus America Staff choose to.

Creating the Recipient List

At this time, there is not a permanent Recipient List smart group. Any search or smart group needs to include the following sets of Contacts

Individual Members

Smart Group, "The Voice (current members)"

  • In the group, "The Voice"
  • Membership is "Current"

Individuals with Organization Memberships

Smart Group, "The Voice (indirect members)"

  • Membership is "Current"
  • has the active relationship "Receives Voice subscription from"

VIP List

Individuals granted an un-conditional subscription

In the Group "The Voice ALWAYS"

Updated: 4-2-2019