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Unify Modeling of Subscription

PROPOSED resolution to Discussion.

Individuals with current (and grace) Memberships, either through their own membership, or conferred by their employer, can each receive a copy of The Voice.

Organization Memberships designate which related contacts will receive the limited benefit through a Relationship created through the Organization Dashboard. A Smart Group should be used to filter out inactive Relationships, and to normalize the modeling with the other subscription methods.

Individuals with Individual Memberships can opt-in by adding themselves to the "The Voice" (TBD) group on their profile.

Chorus America Staff may override the strict requirements by adding Contacts to a privileged group that "Always Receives Voice" (TBD).

A Smart Group can combine and filter the Organization and Individual members to only include Current and Grace Memberships.

A Smart Group shall unify these groups as well as enforce respect of the privacy preference "Do Not Mail".

Managing and Determining Status

There is no way around there being three ways of managing subscription status.

  • Individuals need to opt-in.
  • Organizations need to allocate their allowance.
  • Staff need to explicitly grant the benefit.

To be able to audit why a contact receives the voice, different mechanisms are needed.

Staff should look in the Smart Groups section of a Contact Record and look for there to be two groups. One ultimate group will determine if the contact will receive the voice. A second group should be present that shows how the contact was added, i.e. conferred, individual, or staff-granted.

Individual Opt-In

The "Curated Group Join" Extension facilitates an individual opt-in on any Contribution Form (Memberhsip/Events). Some help text, or a better name for this group will make the purpose of this clearer to individuals.

Updated: 4-2-2019