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Unify Modeling of Subscription

Started in CA-170.



The issue with the Voice benefit is that it is currently a schizophrenic solution .. Here are the problems:

  • Before the org dashboard was launched there was one custom field - Mail Codes – that includes Voice (yes or no), that handled Voice subscriptions.

  • The org dashboard now handles assigning the Voice benefit by setting a relationship “Receives Voice subscription from”. But this doesn’t handle individual members.

  • As an afterthought, the Curated Group Join extension was added and when individuals now join, at the bottom of the form they get a cryptic checkbox choice “The Voice” with no explanation, that adds them to the group “The Voice” if they know to click on it. Besides this not being very user friendly, it is not very staff friendly either – there is no easy way to know whether someone has chosen the voice option. It would be really nice if all voice benefits were handled in the same manner and preferably by relationship.

Using Relationships for Individuals

Besides consistency, I'm not sure there are any benefits to using a Relationship to model the Voice Subscription for individuals. It's not really a problem, but we need an organization for the Contact to be related to. This would have to be a pseudo-contact such as "Voice Subscribers".

Using Groups

A Group is arguably the "CiviCRM way" of approaching this. It allows for, and normalizes, the different ways of modeling the subscription.


  • Do Not Mail != 1
  • Primary AND Related Members
  • Membership Status IN New or Current or Grace
  • Voice = Yes

Existing Groups

Other Purpose Voice Groups

Probably needs to be removed

Updated: 4-2-2019