Voice Subscriptions


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Discussion Over-Allocation Voice Benefits Finding Over-Allocated Voice Benefits There has not been a good way to enforce the correct number of copies received as Membership benefits. Problem is complicated by the fact that Organization Staff might also have an individual membership, in which case...


Resolution Unify Modeling of Subscription Unify Modeling of Subscription PROPOSED resolution to Discussion. Individuals with current (and grace) Memberships, either through their own membership, or conferred by their employer, can each receive a copy of The Voice. Organization Memberships designa...


Solution Subscribed Status An individual can be considered "Subscribed" to the voice by one of three ways: As an Individual that has the Relationship, "Receives Voice subscription from" (/"Grants Voice subscription to"). This can be done by the Membership Administrator of a Chorus on the "Orga...


Release v1 v1 April 1, 2019

What is a Project Lab Feature?