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Upgrade QA Checklist


  1. Perform all steps in the Maintenance Plan Security Update QA Checklist
  2. Perform any additional "release specific" QA steps that have been identified for the particular version of CiviCRM that we're upgrading to, or any "ad-hoc" tasks we've lined out for this upgrade. See Jira for documentation of these items.

QA Procedure

Chorus America has a lot of customizations, many of which have persisted from many Civi versions ago. Review each of the following functional areas and compare them to Production (pre-upgraded) to look for changes of concern. Positive changes might also be worth noting to warn/brag to clients. e.g. new features or improvements.

  1. There are custom reports, some of which extend core reports. Make sure the reports load and submit without errors. These custom reports are basically anything that starts with the letters 'CA'. (NB: It would be too difficult to determine accuracy of results, let's just confirm that they load and can be submitted.) Reports that are not packaged in extensions live here: /var/www/; see also
  2. Appeal Codes Extension - org.chorusamerica.appealcodes
    • Do a member and contribution search, the Appeal Codes should appear in the results table and populate with data if there is data
    • As of 12/28/2018, the Membership tab on contact records is still not populating the appeal codes column. This is fine as per Ed in a comment on CA2-272
  3. CA Dashboard extension - org.chorusamerica.dashboard
    • Provides three functions:
      • Reorders CiviCRM user dashboard (/civicrm/user) elements.
        • Your Groups is moved to the bottom for non-org dashboards
        • Membership block pulled to top for all dashboards
      • Customizes organization dashboards.
      • Adds a relationship management interface (manage org members, Voice subs, etc.) to the dashboard.
    • The second two bullets will be deprecated by org.chorusamerica.orgdash, to be deployed Jan 2019.
  4. org.chorusamerica.membership.frontend.finetune
  5. Variable Membership module
    • Visit the /join page, click the Chorus Membership link, and ensure submitting a budget for a Chorus membership takes you to the correct contribution page for the budget you entered:
      • Up to $87,499: ID=6
      • $87,500-$999,999: ID=4
      • $1 million+: ID=7
    • Ensure the membership page for the middle tier (ID=4) displays the entered budget and a calculated (sliding fee based on entered budget) membership fee. These two things will be greyed-out and un-editable on this membership page.
    • Go to the Membership Types config page and edit the "Chorus Member (budget of $87,500 - $999,999)" membership type. Scroll to the bottom of the config and verify the "Variable Fees" option is enabled and looks correct. This is the config that enables the variable pricing on this tier of Chorus membership.
  6. Member Directory
    • The CA Member Directory is a Drupal View that pulls CiviCRM data, and there are different displays/functionality for logged in with appropriate role vs. anonymous.
    • Visit logged in as admin and in an incognito window and compare to prod for any differences/changes.
  7. eNews Signup Module

Updated: 3-27-2019