Organization Dashboard (org.chorusamerica.orgdash) is an extension for CiviCRM which provides an interface for appropriately permissioned users to administer the organizations to which they belong. The interface is intended to be a public-facing rather than a backend tool: the anticipated audience is the membership base of the CiviCRM installation owner. An organization administrator may update the organization's details as well as manage relationships and contact information for contacts related to her organization.

The extension strives to give site administrators maximal flexibility. A site admin may configure:

  • which relationship types to display in the dashboard
  • which relationship types to highlight in the contact list view
  • which relationship types to use when building an organization's list of bestowable benefits
  • which profiles to use for editing the organization or associated contacts

Requirements and Installation

This extension has not yet been published for in-app installation. General extension installation instructions are available in the CiviCRM System Administrator Guide.

This extension has JavaScript dependencies which are declared in package.json. To install them:

cd <extension-root>
node install


See the discussion about why configuration is not available in the UI.

The following is added to the civicrm.settings.php.

 * Org Dashboard Settings

$civicrm_setting[] = array(
  "orgdash_benefits_relationship_types" => "41",
  "orgdash_contacts_relationship_types" => '4,11,12,13,14,15,19,32',
  "orgdash_highlighted_relationship_types" => "41",
  "orgdash_org_profile" => "88",
  "orgdash_single_contact_profile" => "89"

Implementation Issue Tracking

CA2-100 Remodel relationships & relationship types Task CLOSED
CA-141 Articulate benefit specs & rules; create smart groups Task CLOSED
CA2-202 Develop mechanism for capping inheritance of membership benefits Task CLOSED
CA2-255 Extension boilerplate and Angular basepage Task CLOSED
CA2-258 Easily display relationships within my org Story CLOSED
CA2-259 Easily show/hide inactive relationships Story CLOSED
CA2-261 Org Admins can easily assign member benefits within their org Story CLOSED
CA2-336 Auto-create Drupal account on membership create/renew Task CLOSED
CA2-445 Create Replacement Custom Field for Subscription Status Task CLOSED

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Updated: 3-27-2019