Settings Form CiviCore Dependency

Organization Dashboard's administrative interface is built on the "generic" settings form, introduced in CiviCRM v5.8.

Users running an earlier version of CiviCRM will either need to backport the "generic" form functionality (cursory review indicates this is not as straightforward adding the new CRM_Admin_Form_Generic class and porting updates to the CRM_Admin_Form_SettingTrait trait) or configure the extension outside the user interface (e.g., via the settings API or hardcoded values in civicrm.settings.php).

In v5.10, some problems with how CiviCRM handles case variability in API requests were corrected. This bugfix is required to enable entityRef autocomplete widgets to be used with Profiles in the administrative interface. Organization Dashboard makes use of the same corrected logic in delegating API permissions overrides to entity-specific classes (see CRM_Orgdash_Permission::canSkipPermissionsCheck()).

Updated: 3-27-2019