• Configure the extension by navigating to Administer > System Settings > Organization Dashboard. Permission "administer CiviCRM" is required.
  • A user may navigate to CiviCRM path _/civicrm/orgdash to visit her organizations' dashboards. If she doesn't have any permissioned relationships, she will see a message indicating she does't have permission to administer any organizations. If she has a permissioned relationship with exactly one organization, she will be redirected to /civicrm/orgdash/#//org. If she has permissioned relationships with more than one organization, she will be presented a menu to select the organization to administer.
  • Users visiting CiviCRM path /civicrm/orgdash/#/ and lacking permission to edit the organization (via ACL, permissioned relationship, global permissions like "edit all contacts," etc.) will be denied access.
  • To add new contacts to the organization, the acting user should have the "add contacts" permission.


Version 2 (Final)

What is a Project Lab Feature Context?

Updated: 3-27-2019