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Triage Mar 27

  • CA-174 Triage
  • CA-167 Answers to Training questions
  • CA-158 Duplicate Contacts
  • CA-170 Discovery for Voice Admin

Consolidated Items

  • User Portal
  • Duplicate Drupal Users. Or is it CiviCRM Contacts?? Email address instead of Display Name. CA-168
  • Conference Report Done
  • Restricted File Access Done
  • Deactivate Relationships or use "Former..." Relationship-types
  • Handling Individual Voice Benefits
  • Fix Org Member Dashboard Join Link (CA-166)
  • Any option for changing the Employee of Relationship from on-behalf-of memberships (for orgs)?

Ed Feb 26

  1. Support request – Friday 2/22: Directory /private-drupal-files/resources to public
  2. Conference report
  3. Answers to questions from training sessions – off the top of my head:
    1. Primary contact instead of employee at org join
    2. Org dash “former” vs inactive
    3. Handling of individual Voice benefits
    4. Drupal userids – unique email address not display name
    5. Others?
  4. Individual member dashboard.
  5. Org dashboard membership renew button for mid-level choruses – Fixing the Join form.

Mar 11

Ed had a few questions/assumptions that we're pretty sure we already have answers to, but we need to provide some clear reasoning around those answers to Ed and CA.

  1. CA has expressed a desire to set the relationship of individual to org to "Primary Contact for" instead of "Employee of" during an organizational membership join/renew. MZD thinks there is a reason we can't or don't want to do this, we need to validate our assumptions here and provide an explanation of why/why not this can be done.
  2. Historically, CA has always changed the relationship from "Board Member of" to "Former Board Member of" (or something like this) when a board member leaves a chorus or other organization. They have done this to enable staff to search for those "past relationships" (primary use case) and maybe some other reasons not documented. Now, when a a board member is removed using the Organization Dashboard, the "Board Member of" relationship is set to inactive, rather than being changed. Ed would probably like to see this behavior changed to how they've done it in the past, but perhaps we have better guidance for them?
  3. Ed would like to have an Individual member dashboard implemented, and has expressed that he thinks it would just be changing the Org Dashboard somewhat and implementing for Individual members. MZD has thoughts about this, and wanted it included in the issue of "things for him to research".

Mar 26

Hi Guys, I wanted to check up on the status of things, we made a good start, but haven't seemingly gotten to completion on a few things. Here's my list:

  1. Conference report - when will it be completed and moved to production?

  2. Drupal userids - I still have a question about how the duplicate accounts occur – is there some process that creates them? The only process that I can think of is in CiviCRM when you change the primary email address for a contact with a drupal userid - the email for the drupal account is automatically changed. Is that the only path for creating Drupal user accounts with the same email address?

  3. Have we determined if we can change the default relationship created for the individual joining on behalf of an organization from employee of to primary contact?

  4. Have we determined how we are going to handle the Voice benefit for individuals? Can we move to a relationship instead of a group, so all of the Voice benefits are handled the same way?

  5. There is an issue with the handling of relationships in the org dashboard. I think Michael was going to take look at the "Set to former" vs disable situation

  6. Finally, is the Individual dashboard. I don't know whether it has been started, but I worry that there are incomplete specs and we need to have a conversation about this.

Thanks, Ed

Updated: 4-1-2019