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Project Status Overview by Ed

Jan 18, 2019 - Meeting Hand-out - Chorus America Office

All comments are Ed's.

Here's my summary of the discussion with Frank: My comments arehighlighted

These items are not part of the current project scope;

We may choose to pursue them as part of a later scope -- Consulting work in 2019

  • CA2-534: Context-sensitive menu should show siblings when there are no children
  • CA2-499: Moving forward with financial info editing - advice/training
  • CA2-385: Consider replacements for custom conference report
  • CA2-200: Send invoice-like membership renewal reminders
  • CA2-182: Update Membership Reports for Custom Member Status Rules
  • CA2-176: Articulate criteria and create groups for scheduled reminders to mnotify contacts with an interest in a membership they do not hold
  • CA2-143 Style email reminder
  • CA2-137: Update new, renewed, rejoined, and lapsed members reports to indicate transaction value.
  • CA2-117: Document requirements for membership email tokens
  • CA2-184: Troubleshoot CA-SYBUNT report
  • CA2--14: would like a mechanism to answer the question who was a member on date X
  • CA2-210: Engagement scoring [In progress, EWS waiting for info from LB and CM]
  • CA2-215: Procedure for notifying donors of expired credit cards
  • CA2-246: Configure sanity-check reports for staff to run before exporting transactions to Quickbooks
  • Any training on the use of the CRM or CMS systems above what has already been provided.

Items removed from scope:

  • [STRIKE] CA2-519: hamburger menu display issue on very small screens [this was a problem with 5+ generation old phones]
  • [STRIKE] CA2-480: Microsoft Edge issues with the shaded areas behind the text in the homepage slideshow
  • [incomplete - AGE stopped task] CA2-472: Misc finance operations support
  • CA2-453: Refinements to variable membership fees funcitonality, with an emphasis on extending it to include sustaining memberships
  • [DONE by EWS] CA2-450: Configuration of summary fields and reports to enable reporting an individual's fiscal year gift total in various reports/user interfaces
  • CA2-499: Date tweaks to miscellaneous reports: format and sorting
  • [STRIKE] - don't want this feature]CA2-436: Configure side rail block to display Related Content
  • [DONE by EWS] CA2-97: Create Financial Entities
  • CA2-516: Retheme login button
  • [DONE] CA2-496: Update microsite banner display for better responsivity
  • CA2-486: Bootstrap fieldgroup tab does not display "active" tab on first load
  • [STRIKE don't want] CA2-445: Create Replacement Custom Field for Subscription Status
  • [STRIKE don't want] CA2-440: Configure a block to allow site visitors to share content on their favorite social media platform
  • [LB TO DO] CA2-431: GDPR compliance questions
  • [STRIKE don't want] CA2-430: Social Login
  • [DONE by EWS] CA2-512: Blog detail display
  • [DONE by EWS] CA2-511: Blog listing page


[TO DEPLOY] CA2-497: Port Resource Center [We are waiting to hear from Liza as to whether to deploy the already-completed work.]

CA2-517: Main navigation issues on tablets[This item will be fixed under warranty,but is not part of the current priority list]

[DONE] CA2-552: IP Login data migration and access issues

[DONE] CA2-501: For person pages in a microsite, display the title beneath the microsite header

[In Review] CA2-508: Homepage Carousel edits

[DONE] CA2-522: Update member news views

Member organization Dashboard [In Review]

  • CA2-336: Auto-create Drupal account on membership create/renew
  • CA2-261: Easily Assign member benefits within the organization
  • CA2-259: Show/hide inactive relationships
  • CA2-258: Display relationships within the organization
  • CA2-255: AngularJS/extension boilerplate
  • CA2-336: Auto-create Drupal account on membership create/renew
  • CA2-141: Articulate benefit specs & rules; create smart groups

Rewriting Membership History


[Can-slip] Ginkgo Street will try to complete the following in 2018 once the tasks above are done; if not we will consider adding these to consulting work as needed.

User Dashboard:

  • CA2-456: Configure profiles for self-service updates to membership details as well as the member directory
  • CA2-455: Configure CiviCRM dashboard to display details about contributions and memberships
  • CA2-454: Unify navigation

  • CA2-523: Edge-cases in e-news registration
  • [STRIKE don't want] CA2-494: Allow microsite content types to be added to any menu
  • CA2-485: Microsite session schedule does not render following use of exposed filters [URGENT]
  • CA2-211: Nickname autopopulation
  • CA2-554: Fix "the following module is missing from the file system..." warning messages

Updated: 3-27-2019