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Feb 22 Membership

TODO: why is it not recommended to change the relationship (Employee of) on On-behalf of Memberships.

Old customization (Pre 2015):

TODO: Role Sync configurations. Creating a relationship triggers a role sync, but editing a Relationship does not. Since they are getting the "Employee of", they have been editing that to make it "Primary Contact" and the roles haven't conveyed. Ed has been afraid to trigger a full sync. Need to review the settings and see what other sync triggers there are. Also: Inform Ed why we have decided that this is not a viable hack (to change the relationship created by On Behalf Of Contribution pages).

TODO: Change drupal login to be required to be email address. ALSO: look at preventing duplicates generally.

Automation Use-Case

For New Members (just joined)

Initial Action

day after the payment: Welcome Email from Membership AND 1 Question Survey

Day 7: Generate a PDF of Hand-signed by President/CEO Welcome Letter

Starting Up

Month after member join: confirm they have created a login (Primary contact only). phone call check-in if they haven't. Email a benefits review.

Week 18

Email new member survey - have the benefits been useful so far?


Week 39-43 Day 300: email renewal intro and emailed renewal notice #1

Week 44-47: Paper renewal letter

Week 48-53 Emailed Renewal

CiviRule for Scheduled Reminder

use CiviRule to create a (custom) Activity (of status TODO) and assigned to

The rule can be limited to the conferred Membership contacts (because we don't want to follow-up to the Organization.)

Create a scheduled reminder to email the assignee of the activity. Be sure to limit to Primary Contact (via).

Staff can search for activities that are not complete and ensure that the member gets the follow-up.


Could use some support on setting up better de-dupe rules to make manual de-dup more expedient.


Can't find how to generate a PDF with a scheduled reminder... or in Mosaico

... actually just use the search result action "Print/Merge Document".

Registering Participant on the Back-end:

Ed found that the confirmation email escapes the HTML in the message, unlike the auto-confirmation for online registration. Recommended that he replace all confirmations with Scheduled reminders if this is really a problem.

Follow-up could be to note this in their guide; search stack-exchange; file a bug?

The Voice

How is it modeled? Ed thinks that the dashboard is using something different than the Membership Form.

Need to have the full process overview.

Also: how should CA create exceptions, i.e. grant a benefit to someone that wouldn't not otherwise receive it... in a way that is traceable.

Make sure that the checkbox gets removed from the renewal form.

Might be a question about how to model for individuals vs Organizations (since indiv don't have the org-dashboard.)

Should old custom fields get removed?

More on Primary Contact

Who can have permission to grant or remove the primary contact? Since it is a permission-ed relationship... CA might want to limit who can change this.

More on Conference Donations

Follow up with Ed on whether a customization is desired to get around the limitation in Civi with creating line items for Registration/Donation in one form.

Top 3 Issues

Org Dash

Conference Report

Voice (complete universe)

Updated: 5-20-2019