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Feb 13 Mailing Introduction

Mailing Introduction


The Voice Group

... supposed to be managed by the relationship... so how to reconcile with the group sign-up from the contribution form.

Click-Through URL Report

Use the click-through report by displaying the click-through URL to determine what a contact's interest is.


Confirm opt-in, unsubscribe mail templates

Create Base Templates:

Document blocks and links to always include

Document Include/Exclude Search

Facilitate and document the key-mailing lists used to collect un-subscribes

Upgrade PHP

(URGENT) Report instance 82 - Event Report; wants some customizations, especially making fields configurable. What is the process for the annual update to which event is displayed? Can all price-fields be added dynamically?

Add columns to report: Discount Code and Discount Amount

Look at increasing the maximum request time.

Updated: 3-27-2019