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Feb 13 Development Discovery

Reports to Board

  • Giving Categories - "Development Financial Types"
  • Casey inputs gifts

Uses the SYBUNT for Renewals report - pretty straightforward.

Exports and selects the previous year contacts in Excel.

Received funds by Dev Financial Types (also on user dashboard)

Last 7 Days (also on Dashboard)

Monthly Giving Club - sometimes a new contact doesn't get added??

Bookkeeping transactions report; also have to look for donations received with an Event registration. Not doing separate contributions - uses line-items. So have to pull the line-item report to get the data.

Event registrations don't allow separating donations... and not search-able. Manually creating the contributions. Want to be able to acknowledge gifts, search/group those contacts, and report. Be able to group those gifts by campaign.

Pledge Payments

Document recording a pledge payment... Civi warns there are pending pledge payments. (e.g. Elfreida Heirichs)

Historic Financial Type for "Pledge Payment" - which is deprecated... and Ed is going to remove.

For members to view their own pledges: gettinga permission denied from the user dashboard. Think we can grant the permission: "CiviContribute: access CiviContribute - Record backend contributions (with edit contributions) and view all contributions (for visible contacts)"

Recurring Payment Fiscal Year

Custom Field: Additional Purchase Info :: Fiscal Year Applied to

One fiscal year gets set for all the recurring contribs in the series.. so they have to do a bulk update after the FY turns over.

Todd H Estabrook

Coding Gifts:

Use a campaign

Use Deferred Revenue date for checks at the boundary.

Deprecate: Custom Field "Fiscal Year Applied to"

Deprecate: Appeal Code


Board Report Sample

Donation Accounts

Updated: 5-20-2019