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Training Notes Feb 11

  • Bug to track-down: Transfer Contribution doubles amount. Ed wasn't able to find an existing bug report.


  • When editing content in drupal: the preview is not representative of the front-end theme.


special group for Always receive the Voice benefit.

"Former - " Relationships

Ed thinks they still want to use these types of relationships.

If you disabled a relationship... could not search on Former (inactive).


Org Dashboard

Require an address for the voice?

What about sending a mailing to voice recipients that don't have an address.

TODO: email token to the Org's Org Dashboard.

TODO: spinner.

Membership Lifecycle Reports

Ed will do Staff Training.

TODO: make sure Ed puts this in the User Docs.

TODO: Ed requested field changes to the reports.

Business practice regarding Abandonment.

TODO: Study Hall Topic

Mailings and Smart Group

Voice and "Updates" (newslettter??)

Can't have one smart group currently. TODO: figure out if smart group is optimal.

Have had trouble creating a search that includes all of the relationships.

"Update" List:

Excluding libraries: Ed says... select all membership types except Libraries.

Search Builder Non-Members:

Clarify that this is for people who HAVE NEVER BEEN a Member.

Job Titles in Relationships

Employee of Job Title

Address custom field: Address at Address.

Title in Addresses:

Using the appropriate Relationship or custom field to generate an address label.

See Job Titles in Relationships.

Permissioned Relationships

New icons displayed in CiviCRM.

May be many instances of relationships not being configured properly to grant permissions.

Org Dashboard not showing active relationships:

e.g. John Alexander "Chief Artistic Leader of"

Umbrella ensemble Relationship

it exists - add to docs?

Doubly-conferred Memberships

Adult Choir absorbed a Child Membership (Bel Canto).

Recommendation to create relationships for individuals to both organizations.

Updated: 3-27-2019