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Feb 11 Finance Discovery

In the beginning....

pre-civi... were using an M$ Access database. In the move... more focus was put on making it match the old system... than identifyingy requirements and coming up with "proper" solutions.

Of course, the org and needs have evolved as well.

Double Entry and Spreadsheets... and in general "onerous" is still a theme in CA's processes.

Looking to understand better what is posible and how CiviCRM can work with QuickBooks.

Anne explains

Civi seems to be well set up for Accrual Accounting.

QBO is not contact aware.

Recognizing membership dues when they are received.. not using accrual accounting.

When a check is received:

Two spreadsheets: one for Checks, one for each payment processor (iATS, Authorize) and hand-entered in the back-end.

Using Classes and Accounts......

Reconciliation Process

  • Pull a report from CiviCRM ( Budget Detail - with line items)
  • Distribute rows to tabs in spreadsheet.
  • Compares to the Receipt Spreadsheets - often finds data entry errors.

Process is generally manageable... but gets pretty tedious around conference time.

Event Coding

e.g. CMI events.. need to get a class (currently) in QBO.

Anne says that sub-accounts could be used for some classes.


  • Registrations
  • Food and Beverage - (line item in a price-set)
  • Exhibiting

Financial Accounts

Anne to draft reconciling classes and accounts

Fiscal Year Assignment CA2-493

Custom field... does not use Appeal Codes.

Enable Deferred Revenue config operation enables a new field on contributions for "Revenue Recognition Data". TODO: confirm what this looks like in exports.

Updated: 3-27-2019