Managing Events

Chorus America provided a rather lengthy list of Event workshop ideas as a comment in out the proposed Training Schedule, below is a curated list of topics that could be covered in the Events Workshop. Some of these topics might include some configuration, other topics might be something Ed can provide his staff training on, but all of them could likely use some Ginkgo insight and assistance in optimizing.

Proposed Workshop Topics

  • Training on module (extension?) config that creates a membership with the conference registration
  • Discount codes configuration (assess issues and see if config corrects)
  • Best practices for creation of profiles and other event reg forms, to ensure that previous year's information isn't populated during registration
  • Sussing out and addressing reporting challenges
  • Using webform to create "fancy" event registration forms (splitting forms into multiple pages)
  • Exhibitor (Organization) registration workflow optimization
  • Branding the Registration Confirmation emails