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Discovery and consulting that needs to be done in advance of some later trainings, topics TBD depending on department. Focused on better tools/mechanisms to accomplish the goal of replacing the current Appeal codes implementation.

(Replacement for) Appeal Codes

One thing from Ed on Appeal codes is end of fiscal year reporting:

Some Notes

  • It appears that CA has used "Appeal Codes" in an attempt to track where contributions "come from" -- it's a custom field (or fields) for contributions and memberships (maybe just membership contributions?)
    • There fields can be populated using a variable passed in a query string in the URL (core CiviCRM of browser feature -- not custom).
    • These fields are hidden on public facing contribution pages either via an extension or CSS in the site theme.
  • At first blush this looks like it could be replaced by using CiviCampaign, or possibly continue using Appeal Codes for some things and CiviCampaign for other needs depending on what CA is interested in tracking.
  • Frank notes in this comment: "One of the things we discussed in our meetings is that CA needs some guidance around how to classify transactions (when to use financial types vs. campaigns vs. custom fields, etc.)."
  • There is an appeal code extension, but it appears to only handle display of the Appeal Code custom fields. Description from the extension: "Modifies various core forms to display appeal codes. Note: this extension does not provide the appeal codes; these were defined manually before the extension was written."
  • Looks like there are separate custom fields and fieldsets for Membership and Development.
  • This conversation started by Frank may also be of interest WRT Appeal Codes and Finance
  • Jira issues with more (potentially) helpful information:

Needs for Implementation

  • Discovery on what CA is trying to do here i.e. document the use case(s) and what it's for.
  • Q: Check All That Apply: [ ] Membership [ ] Development [ ] Finance [ ] Comms
  • Develop approach.
  • Etc.

Needs for Training

  • How and when to utilize each method of tracking/classifying transactions.
  • How to configure each method of tracking/classifying transactions.
  • How to create reports utilizing new methods of tracking/classifying transactions.
  • Address the transition from the legacy method of doing this i.e. if a data migration is required then we need to document how to do Appeal related tasks in the old and new way.

Updated: 3-21-2019