Table of Contents

Individual Membership Types

  • Student Member
  • Individual Member
  • Sustaining Member

Organizational Membership Types

  • Affiliate Organization Member
  • Business Member
  • Chorus Member (budgets up to $87,499)1
  • Chorus Member (budget of $87,500 - $999,999)1, 2
  • Chorus Member (budget of $1 million+)1
  • Library Subscription

Historical Membership Types

These membership types were not removed from the system as they have historical value for reporting purposes. To keep them from accidentally being displayed on the front-end (and therefore selectable by a site visitor) their visibility has been set to "Admin".

  • Affliate Ensemble
  • Singer Member

Updated: 3-21-2019

  1. These membership types confer memberships and provide certain users with access to a Member Organization Dashboard

  2. Mid-level Chorus Memberships require a budget to be entered, to calculate the membership fee.