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Scheduled reminder emails can be created from the administration page at Administer > Communications > Schedule Reminders or during the creation of an event. The CiviCRM User Guide has a section on creating and managing scheduled reminders that should give a great overview of the general use of this functionality. In this document we will address Chorus America Scheduled Reminder use cases specifically. There are other reminders which are configured outside of Scheduled Reminders, namely Credit Card expirations and Pledge Payment reminders, that we'll also cover here.

Membership Reminder Emails

It is advisable to set up separate membership reminders for each membership type, as you will likely have different messaging for each type of membership. Setting up different reminders will allow you to customize the messaging for each member type. Some customization of the email can be done using membership tokens, so it may be possible to group certain similar membership types into one reminder configuration. An example of this may be the three levels of Chorus Memberships.

Individual Memberships

Organizational Memberships

Formatting a Reminder like an Invoice

As a member services staffer, I want to send printable invoices which include a detailed benefits list (including which organization staffers are entitled to what) so that: they are reminded to renew, they are prompted to update their contact list if necessary, and unnecessary back-and-forth with members who need such a document to justify payment within their organizations can be avoided.

Sending reminder emails to more than one contact associated with an Organizational Membership

As a member services staffer, I want invoices emailed to the primary contact associated with the organizational membership (with the organization address cc’ed) because: organizational inboxes are not always regularly monitored, so it is not sufficient to send them there, and due to organizational turnover, the primary contact’s address may reach someone who is no longer connected to the organization Options.

Credit Card Expiry Reminders

Pledge Payment Reminder

Updated: 3-6-2019