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Are you able to create templates to save for later?

Is there a way to set my own color scheme?

  • Once a Base Template is selected, you have full control over the color scheme of the email. That color scheme is only set for the email or Configured Template that you are working on, and the color scheme is not saved in the Base Template.

My organization has different programs/departments/campaigns that need different contact info/colors/whatever.

  • Our recommendation is to create several Configured Templates for various needs i.e. a newsletter template, a fundraising template, etc. These templates would have the correct footer blocks, default colors, and fonts set for those entities, and you'd select the right one when you started the email.

Reusing Previous Mailings

Are you able to copy a previous email to edit and reuse?

For example, if we’re sending out a second email blast reminder for an event and want to add, “Only 50 tickets left!” or something similar, would that be possible?

  • This is also 100% possible, CiviMail provides this capability out of the box. The workflow is to search for a previously sent mailing and click a "reuse" button, which then starts a new mailing with all the settings (contacts to send to, from address, email design/content, etc.) from the reused mailing in place. This is instead of starting a new mailing and then pulling in the design from the previously sent one, which may be how other systems handle it.


Is it possible to send out a survey via CiviMail?

  • We're not quite sure how to answer this question... on one hand the answer is "You can send a link to a survey using CiviMail/Mosiaco". On the other hand, if the question is "Does CiviMail have the capability to create and manage surveys?" (such as creating questions and collecting answers and such) then the answer is no, CiviMail does not provide that functionality.

Updated: 3-6-2019