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As noted in the Context of Winter/Spring Break Camps there exists a type of camp that are held during break times from school, are typically a week long, and each day of the camp is (essentially) an independent event. We may or may not need custom logic to enable this feature.

User Stories

  • Parent signing their child up for a single day or several ( but not all) days of a multi-day camp
  • Teacher of a camp downloads a roster for the day


Notes from our original estimate are included here, but may not be relevant depending on the solution implemented. If a solution can be presented utilizing an out-of-the-box workflow, we won't need custom fields.

  • Requires addition of custom fields to the course entity (probably an OT entity). Requires reacting to the course creation (possibly a CiviCRM hook). Seems like a good idea for each class event to point back to the course event (e.g., via a custom field).
  • Expect to be able to implement with WooCommerce API;Problem is that there are two distinct products that share the same inventory. Maybe can implement with a case(crate) feature in WooCommerce?