Table of Contents

Creating Events Programmatically

It will be difficult if the events created through the API have their configurations hard-coded into the custom plugin. So we should first figure out the logistics of getting the parameters needed to create a CiviEvent, what will be Staff-configurable.

Event Types

In CiviCRM, we would like to use CiviEvent Types to differentiate different types of OpenTicket Events. Such as regular shows, classes, camps. BACT may have more categories they would like to report on. How will we map OpenTicket values? What field? What options? What is the mapping? This is a less-technical question, that needs to be asked of BACT to confirm how they want to report.

TODO: is there another option for a Staff Admin to designate in OpenTickets the type of Event in CiviCRM should be created? Can/should we create a custom field on OT shows.

Event Templates, or not?

CiviCRM allows creating events from a saved "template".

We could create an Event Template to instantiate each show-event from.

However... there might not be enough configurations to warrant a template. We might instead just want to offer configurations for the relevant data points.

TODO: Confirm and document how to create an event from an event-template using the CiviCRM API.

What configurations are needed?

Preliminary list of configurations we might need, whether or not we use event templates.

  • event type
  • date and time
  • location
  • Active flag
  • Campaign
  • Public: No

Final list of configurations are documented on the Resolution page.