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The goal of this feature is to affect the synchronization of data collected by Open Tickets (and WooCommerce) to CiviCRM.


Actor Description/Role
Purchaser an individual buying tickets (or classes or camps)
Box Office Staff Staff that creates and manages shows in Open Tickets or uses contact data in CiviCRM

Use Cases

Create or Update an OpenTickets Event

A Box office staff will create a new Event in the OpenTickets Admin. A CiviCampaign will exist in CiviCRM for each OpenTickets Event.

Create or Update an OpenTickets Event Date/Time

When Event Dates are added to an Event in OpenTickets, a CiviEvent should be created in CiviCRM, with the designated CiviCampaign for the Event.

Purchase a ticket

When a user purchases a ticket, a Participant Record should be added to the CiviEvent.