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BACT Staff needs an easy, reliable, and accurate method of identifying how many times a patron has utilized their Flex Pass. Their current system does not support an accurate method of achieving this goal, and BACT staff often has to guess at the patron's current usage. Having this information displayed accurately on the contact record centralizes all information about a patron that BACT staff might need to facilitate the patron's needs.

Example scenario

A patron owns a large number of Flex Passes (something like a 6-Show Flex Pass for 5 people), and they've used the tickets in a completely erratic pattern. They've forgotten how many tickets they have left to reserve, and they call to find out and purchase tickets to an upcoming performance.

Historic resolution using current system

The solution implemented should be better than this:

BACT Staff looks up the patron's Contact record, and examines the list of Event records for "Flex Pass" tickets, attempting to total them up. Often, this is complicated by the fact that the Patron may have cancelled a previous show, or had "extra" tickets from previous purchases.

The solution is for BACT Staff to put on a confident voice and pretend that their best guess is actually a fact. (That said, if there is risk of an error, Staff tries to lean toward making the error in their favor.) If the Patron agrees with the guess, then we go with that. If the Patron objects, then we say "Oops! You're totally right. I see you had that extra ticket right here. Sorry I missed it."