Designating Reserved Seats

How shall Box Office Staff designate the Flex-Pass seating area?

From time to time, new venues may be added.

From time to time, the area that is set aside for Flex Pass holders might need to be changed. There is currently no requirement to have anything other than one Flex-Pass reserved seating area per venue. It is assumed all shows at the venue will restrict the same seating area for Flex Pass holders.

Questions we hope to answer by doing test configs of reserved seat sections:

  • What kind of "handle" can we get for these sections? It would be unfortunate if we had to hardcode a list of section IDs into our logic. It would be preferable if the sections had types that we could select by. "Select sections for Venue X where type is Y" makes for more reusable code than "Select section ID 14."
  • Is visibility global? When a Flex Pass holder "unlocks" the reserved seating, will they be unlocking it for themselves or for everyone? For example, does the visibility work against roles (e.g., section is visible to "admins" and "VIPs" – to make the section visible to user X we can temporarily grant them one of those roles)?

Early observations by Frank:

  • OT does not appear to have a concept of sections.
  • We can, however, make a selection of seats and hide them from the customer-facing portal. These seats could be addressed one of two ways: either selecting seats with the "Hidden on Frontend" box checked, or if the seats are given special names (e.g., instead of A1, B1 – flex_A1, flex_B1).
  • Visibility appears to be a global property. It remains to be seen what we will have to do to "unlock" these seats for the Flex Pass holder only. Some ideas that come to mind are:
    • Custom JS which allows selection of "unselectable" seats, paired with hacks to validation code to allow these seats to be reserved.
    • Preprocessing the query used to build the seating chart so that these seats are included for only the user in question. Probably also needs to be paired with processing/validation hacks.