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Flex Pass Context


A Flex Pass is a pre-purchased ticket. They are bought in packs good for a specified number of tickets for any show. A Flex Pass is good for any show but is for a specific type of ticket, i.e. Adult, Child, Senior tickets.

A FlexPass is a coupon in WooCommerce and therefore can be retrieved by it's Coupon Code.

Preferential Seating

Flex Pass holders are given preferential seating and certain seats are not available to for purchase without a Flex Pass.

For specific performances, Box Office Staff will decide to turn-off Flex Pass reserved seating, enabling anyone to purchase those seats.

Seats in the Flex Pass section should be "locked" by default. If a user is recognized as having any Flex Passes, then preferential seating will be un-locked for that user. A User does not have to redeem a Flex Pass to access the preferential seating.

Any number of seats in the preferential seating may be purchased, not limited to the number of used Flex Passes.

We need to ensure shopping cart validation doesn't prevent purchase of restricted seats.

Flex Pass Retrieval

Abuse of the flex pass redemption system is not a concern. Ease of use is first priority and it is expected that Users will share or gift their Flex Passes to family and friends.

A User will be prompted at various points in the checkout process to "Use a Flex Pass". Anonymous Users will be prompted to provide an email address or Coupon Code to retrieve Flex Passes for use. A logged in User will not be prompted again to provide an email.

When clicking the button to "Use a Flex pass", any Flex Passes with remaining available tickets will be displayed, including the number of used and available tickets.

Disable Flex-Pass Preferential Seating

Box office staff shall have the ability to disable setting aside seats for Flex-Pass users. This should not disable the flex-pass feature over-all: users can still redeem and use flex passes. But all seats will be available for selection.

This is needed on a per-performance bases. By Default, Flex Pass reserved seating will be in effect.


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