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Upgrade CiviCRM

No additional discussion required at this time.

Migrate Past Data

We have concluded what needs to be done with some past data, but there might be additional transformations that haven't surfaced yet. Some notes on this for future consideration:

  1. Coupons/Discounts
    • Are there any of these (besides Flex Passes) and will they need any transformation to a new data model?
  2. Course and Camp Registrations
    • BACT wants to change the way that people register. Does this need to be discussed? Or is this covered by OpenTickets functionality with our customizations?
    • Data will be transformed to support however the new modeling is architected.
    • ?? For the child data that exists, follow agreed on Child/Parent data spec
    • Multiple day events
    • Need to be able to support single-day signup
  3. Is there any general data cleanup needed, especially extraneous or outdated smart groups and duplicate contacts?

Migrate Current Data

We need to figure out (i.e. ask Austin) what BACT's schedule of selling tickets, FlexPasses, and other items is so we can plan for what data needs to be migrated into the new system from the Legacy system.

  1. We know that BACT has already begun Flex Pass sales for 2019-2020 Season
  2. There wil be ticket sales (Llama Llama) in the legacy system before we launch
  3. Are there any other types of "tickets" (e.g. class or camp registrations) that will be in the Legacy system by the time we launch?

The answers to these questions will definitely impact the work we need to do to deploy, and may impact the work we engage Joinery on. Unsure if Clarion will be involved, though it seems likely to some degree.