Table of Contents


This scope of work will be largely handled by Joinery (Allen Shaw) with support from Ginkgo Street Labs, Clarion, and the client. The work is divided into three (3) high-level parts:

CiviCRM Upgrade

Upgrading CiviCRM to the latest ESR, general concepts/tasks are:

  1. Clean-up remnants of CiviBoxOffice; General clean-up of unused configurations
    • script changes unless onerous, then create upgrade procedure checklist.
    • handle/ensure core hacks (mostly anticipated to be obsolete backports).
    • Document Upgrade QA steps
  2. Create an Upgrade Staging Script
  3. Test/Troubleshoot/Fix issues found in upgrade staging

Migrate Past Data

This part of the project entails transforming/migrating data that does not need to be captured in OpenTickets/WooCommerce from the legacy CiviCRM into the new CiviCRM instance. This data is considered to be "in the past" and includes things like previous season ticket sales, camp registrations, etc. There is no value in capturing this information in OpenTickets/WooCommerce, but there is value in ensuring it is retained in the new CiviCRM, Reporting and Marketing being two examples. For consistency in reporting and other data analysis, the past data will need to be transformed to fit any new data models.

Migrate Current Data

Transforming/migrating data from the legacy CiviCRM instance that does need to be captured in OpenTickets/WooCommerce (some of which also needs to be synced into the new CiviCRM system).

  1. Subscriptions/FlexPasses
    • FlexPasses sold from legacy system need to be able to be processed in OpenTickets.
  2. Ticket sales to performances (Event Dates)
    • Any tickets sold in the legacy system will need to be captured in OpenTickets in some manner, we think the MVP here is that any seats that were reserved in the legacy system should not be available for purchase in the new system.
  3. Any other types of "tickets" (e.g. class or camp registrations) that will need to be migrated into OpenTicklets?