Table of Contents

Data Transformation(s) and Migration(s)

Getting the old/existing data into the new system.


Continuing with OpenTickets/WooCommerce -> CiviCRM data sync development, and expecting that this dev work will eventually shed light and provide answers to some of the technical and logistics questions we have surrounding this part of the project. Status on specific portions of this scope of work are:

CiviCRM Upgrade

Joinery has scripted the upgrade of the legacy system to CiviCRM

Past Data Migration

Joinery has scripted the transformation of Child contact data into the new data model. This is saved as a scripted Pentaho job that can be run at any time.

Current Data Migration

We have questions and scenarios which need to be discussed, and some ideas for how to handle the data based on the scenario and what we find in development of the OT -> Civi data sync.